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Where are you located?

Our products are originated from Rajasthan majorly from Jodhpur and Jaipur, which is world famous hub for its Art, Culture and Heritage & Craftsmanship. If you intend to visit us please call at +91 9829221191 or +91 9829222191 or email us at info@fortuneexports.com to make an appointment with us.


Do you have a showroom?

Yes. Although not open to the public, you may visit us by appointment only. If you are in Jodhpur or intend to visit, please Contact us so we can arrange to show you our warehouse, factories and showrooms.

Do you publish a catalog and pricelist?

We do not publish a hard copy catalog simply because this would run into hundreds of pages and our policy of continually adding products would render such a volume quickly obsolete.


How can we place an order?

You can place your order by e-mail and fax; all Orders are accepted on T.T Basis (wire transfer).


What is your minimum quantity requirement for specific bulk orders?

Minimum amount for make to order as per buyer's specifications must be a minimum US $5000 or a 20ft. container.Minimum quantity requirement per design vary form products. A development fee may also be applicable if the buyer cannot meet minimum quantity per design. & order is LCL then we charge 250 US $ extra for forwarding. 


When the order is confirmed?

Orders are confirmed as soon as we received 30% advance of the total value of consignment if on T.T basis, DP basis or else if we confirm L/C at our bank if on L/C basis.


Can you provide Samples?

Yes. We regularly provide samples of all products to our key clients; however it is our policy to charge for samples and shipping of these items. Alternatively please provide an International courier account number for the purpose of sending samples (Shipping via your requested method.) If you request and receive samples and subsequently place an order in excess of $5,000 for more of the same products we will credit that order to the value of the samples (Product only) In effect, at that time the samples are Free of Charge.


How long will it take for you to prepare an order?

This depends on what products and how much quantities you are ordering. Normally our lead time is 60-90 days.


What‘s the lead-time to make and deliver specific orders?

Production time is normally up to 40-70days.Delivery lead –time is an additional 3-6weeks.Actuly production and delivery time may vary with individual order & quantity.


Does your company accept custom design order?

Yes, custom designed orders are accepted by us. If you are interested to place any order for customized items or item of your wish kindly send us the pictures & dimension & we will let you know the prices accordingly.


What is your standard packing?

Our Standard packing consists of corrugated roll and air bubble sheets for bigger items and corrugated boxes for smaller items. We also pack as per the specification of our clients. In such cases any additional cost such as special corrugated corners, cartons etc. is borne by the clients.


How Much Will the Shipping Cost?

Again this depends on the final destination and size of the shipment, but all requirements for the export of the shipment from Jodhpur including packing and completion of the official export documentation is included in the price. When you contact us we will give you a definitive quote for your destination.


How will I know when my order has shipped?

When your order will be shipped, you will receive an E-mail with required information.


How & when you pay balance if on T.T Basis?

When container stuffed and we fax / e-mail you the copy of shipping documents of the container, then you pay balance amount by T.T.  And as we receive the balance we will send u the original shipping documents.


How & when you pay balance if on D.P. Basis?

When container stuffed and we submit shipping documents at our bank for collection of Balance Payment after our bank presents the documents to your bank then you pay Balance Amount to your bank.


Do you Offer a discount on bulk purchase?

Special prices can be offered on bulk purchase.


What if I am interested in a product that I do not see on the site?

If you are interested in a product that you cannot find at www.fortuneexports.com , please send us an email at info@fortuneexports.com. We will respond to you within one to two business days.


Are finishes in collections identical?

Our product is rustic and hand finished. Pieces will have a consistent overall look; however there will be some variance. Wood grain, texture and tones will vary from piece to piece due to the nature of material and its hand finished processing. The look will be similar, without being identical, which gives it that "one-of-a-kind" distinction as well.


What is considered natural distress?

Natural cracks within the wood, knots, indentations and other superficial imperfections, all constitute natural distress. Since our furniture is handmade there are elements of that process of construction (such as filled nail holes etc.) which are visible, upon close inspection. That blends in with the look of our furniture and adds to the rustic elegance and handmade charm.


When do you bring out new lines?

Our in-house design team is continuously studying trends, directions and demographics. Based on their research, feedback and forecasts new products are constantly being introduced and added to our establish lines and products.


What are your strengths as a furniture manufacturer?

Proven saleable products at a price a consumer can afford, built with pride and confidence. An organization at the forefront of design and craftsmanship, a company where promise and performance always comes together.


Do you offer swatches?

We offer Iron / Wooden / Fabric swatches for our furniture pieces. You can contact either through E-mail, Fax or Call to receive the swatches considering the order or sample reference.


What is the commonly used timber in your furniture?

Recycled Mango, Acacia, sheesham (popularly known as Indian Rosewood) and aged Teak are commonly used in our furniture.


What % of the furniture is hand –made/handcrafted?

About 70% of each product is hand-made/handcrafted. But this could differ for each individual design.


Is the furniture water-resistant?

Generally, no used timer is water-resistance. However a few items can be used in an outdoor covered area.


Can your furniture be used out-doors?

Not unless specific in its description.


What are the basic care instructions for your furniture?

Please use a damp/wipe cloth to clean regularly as well as to remove stains. Apply wax for shine. Keep furniture away from direct contact with water, heat & sunlight.


Is your timber recycled?

Yes, we are using recycled timber be our products & also use other type of woods.


Is your furniture antiques OR antiques reproduction?

We mainly use Casted Iron, White Brass, Copper and Galvanized metal sheets, Canvas, Leather, Recycled Canvas, Recycled Iron, and Recycle Clothes.


Is the metal treated for corrosion and rust?

Yes, metal used in our furniture is treated for prevention against corrosion and rust. However, due to natural wear & tear, there is no guarantee towards rust and or corrosion.


Can color/polish/finish for made to order products have variations as per our specifications?

Yes, we may need a minimum quantity order to meet this request.


Is any of your furniture DIY (do-it-yourself) or is it already assembled?

Majority of our furniture are pre-assembled.few furniture designs/collections may require assembly at site.


What is the warranty on your furniture?

Due to nature of timber used in all our products, there is no guarantee on any used /aged/recycled timber. Metal frameworks carry a

1-year structural warranty.

Expansion and Contraction is a normal characteristic of all timber and this would vary on external factors such as weather and humidity.

Almost all our products are made to look rustic and vintage.

Color variations /visual defects: All our products are unique .Any irregularities are not classified as defects but add to the unique of the products.

Corrosion and rust: Once our furniture is delivered, prevention against corrosion and rust will depend on individual usage, storage and care. Fortune Exports does not take any responsibility after goods are delivered.


Are the employees in your factory paid fair wages?

Yes. Also, we do not employ or encourage child labor.


How many pieces per design do you stock?

This would vary as per Individual design. For latest design on ready stock availability, please contact us on: info@fortuneexports.com


What are your payment and terms conditions?

All purchases are 30%  advance 70% against documents & LC at sight.

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