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Care Instructions

To keep your furniture looking its best for years to come, we recommend some minimal care. Use the information below as a guide for spot cleaning your indoor & outdoor furniture.


Metal Furniture Care and Maintenance


·  Maintain with regular dusting.

·  Wipe spills immediately.

·  Clean with mild soap and water, dry thoroughly and do not use a brass cleaner (it will damage the lacquer)

Wrought Iron: Our products are built using hot-rolled and hot-forging techniques which produce some scaling on the finished texture. The traditional techniques of forging, bending, cutting, and welding, leave tool marks on the metal. These discernible marks and variations in the iron are the characteristics of truly handcrafted iron and no two pieces are identical and make each piece distinctly unique.


· Wash your wrought iron with dishwashing liquid and warm water at least once a month to remove everyday dirt, dust and grime. Dry the wrought iron with a clean towel to prevent it from rusting.

· Examine your iron regularly for scratches or chipping paint. If you discover an exposed patch of iron, wash the area with warm soap water and then touch up the finish using a rust-resistant exterior metal paint. Sometimes touch up paint is included with the purchase of wrought iron patio furniture. If touch up paint was not included, or you are repairing a wrought iron fence or gate, use an automotive paint in a matching color.

· To maintain the gloss on non-textured finishes, protect with a fine automotive wax. Spray your wrought iron with an automotive spray wax twice a year to help prevent rust. For best results, apply the spray wax according to package directions.

· On textured finishes, periodically apply mineral or baby oil. Severe stains may require light sanding and touch-up painting. The finish is formulated and baked on to make it highly resistant to repellents and lotions.

· Remove rust from your iron furniture by scrubbing it with the finest grade steel wool scouring pad that you can find. If your iron furniture is severely rusted or you are planning to refinish it anyway, consider using a product called naval jelly to dissolve the rust.

· To avoid discoloration, clean the frame as soon as possible after exposure to these chemicals.

· In cold climates, be sure to drain any water accumulated inside the frames before storing for the winter. Cover your iron furniture, if possible, during rainy or foggy weather to minimize rusting. Tarps can be used to cover  iron gates or railings and protective slipcovers can be purchased to protect iron furniture.

·  To maintain the beauty and luster of your iron furniture and accessories we recommend a regular buffing with a soft, lint-free cloth and an occasional application of furniture wax to clean and maintain the finish.


Finish: All of the finishes offered have a standard durable. Hand-applied premium finishes are applied over a baked on powder coat base finish and are slightly more delicate but can be maintained in the same way.

· To maintain your finish we recommend a regular dusting with a soft lint-free cloth and the occasional application of furniture wax to keep a clean protective coating on the finish.

· A few products recommended are; Lemon Lite - a cleaner and polish that is simply sprayed on and wiped off. Shield is a high gloss multi surface polish that is non-abrasive and creates a protective coating. Brilliance - is an all-purpose surface cleaner that will not leave a high gloss coating on your finish if a natural mate finish is what you prefer. One Touch Wonder Wax is a simple to use spray on wax that creates a durable and protective wax coating on your wrought iron furniture finish.

Copper: Coppersmiths hand forms our copper tabletops, shades, and accessories. The copper is fired over an open wood flame creating the brilliant colors which vary greatly from purples to oranges. The coloring is uncontrolled and a direct result of the heated and oxidized copper. No paint is added and no two pieces will be the same. The copper sheets are then hammered, pressed and formed. To maintain the beauty and luster of the copper, we recommend regular buffing with a soft, lint-free cloth and an occasional application of furniture wax to clean and maintain the patina. We do not recommend the use of abrasives or organic solvents to clean the copper as these can remove the oxidized colorings. Using any non-abrasive water based cleaner will work fine for cleaning your copper table top. For copper table tops please make sure to use hot pads and use simple common sense when putting hot pots and pans on them. Lemon Lite - a cleaner and polish that is simply sprayed on and wiped off, more product info: Shield - is a high gloss multi surface polish that is non-abrasive and creates a protective coating, more product info: Brilliance is an all-purpose surface cleaner that will not leave a high gloss coating on your finish if a natural mate finish is what you prefer.

Leather & Canvas Furniture Care and Maintenance

Leather: Luxury, durability and comfort are inherent qualities of fine leather furniture. Differences in types of hides, tanning methods and finishes result in wide variations in characteristics. Unique to genuine leather are natural features like neck wrinkles, scars, scratches, insect bites, stretch marks, grain, backbone markings and color nuances. These variations are not flaws, but features which enhance the natural beauty and character of leather, and will not affect its durability or strength. No two hides are alike, therefore color and texture will vary, and exact matches are not always possible.

· The hides are tanned and dyed as close to perfection as possible. The leather is then hand-fitted to form the structure. Because each hide is as unique as nature has made them, there will be slight variations in color, texture and thickness.

· To maintain your leather use of high grade leather cleaner and conditioner to prevent excessive drying out and discoloring is recommended. An effective leather cleaner and conditioner will allow leather to breathe and retain its natural flexibility.

· While leather is the most durable of furniture covers, it still requires routine maintenance and cleaning. To prevent drying and fading, keep leather furniture away from direct sunlight and avoid close proximity to heating sources.

· Regular dusting with a clean white cloth is recommended. Leather can be scratched, cut and marked with sharp objects just as canvas.


· The seat canvas can be cleaned with mild soapy water and a damp cloth. Be cautious and use only enough water to wet the surface without saturating the canvas and foam of the seat. Brush the canvas fabric in the direction of the canvas pattern to avoid distorting the canvas grain.

· Seats and Bases are also covered with canvas and upholstered. They are padded with foam and batting that meet non-flammability requirements. To maintain lush and clean upholstery, light vacuuming or light brushing and dry cleaning of the canvas is recommended to keep upholsteries original look and feel.

· If you get a stain on your upholstery it is recommended to use a product like Fiber Fresh. This product that is both effective at removing stains as well as odors safely from any type of upholstery. Avoid using any harsh spot removers or anything containing bleach as they may cause discoloring.

· Never remove canvas for separate dry-cleaning or washing. Do not use bleach or any tumble method of cleaning as this may destroy the canvas backing, shrink or otherwise damage the upholstery canvas.

Wooden Furniture Care and Maintenance

The wood used is premium cut and pre inspected for quality. Each piece is sanded and finished with a sealer to prevent cracking and chipping and an overcoat is applied for durability. There is a pleasing quality in woods' natural characteristic so some grain and color variations are allowed, and an occasional knot to accentuate the woods individual beauty.

· To maintain the beauty and luster of the wood dusting with a lint-free cloth and using a wood cleaner/polish to maintain its brilliance is recommended.

· Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

· Do not leave plastic or rubber materials on wood surfaces. Be sure to use a heat resistant tray / mat or coaster if you're intending to place a hot pot direct from the stove onto your table.  Likewise, use a coaster whenever possible when serving chilled drinks on your table.

· Clean any stains or spills as soon as it happens to prevent it from having time to stain the canvas or become water logged.

· Clean with a reliable non-silicone furniture polish

· Avoid common hazards such as hot dishes (use a protective pad), harsh solvents (nail polish remover, alcohol), and abrasives.

· If the wooden furniture starts to look tired, chipped & scratched after years of use, it can easily be sanded and refinished.

· A product like Lemon Lite is recommended for cleaning any wood surfaces on metal furniture pieces. Lemon Lite is a simple spray on and wipe off product that restores dull finishes while leaving a film free protective coating behind.

· Wooden surfaces can be cleaned and protected with a spray on Furniture and Surface Polish.



General Care and Maintenance

Waxing & Polishing

From time to time the furniture will need to be waxed. This should be done using a soft cloth and beeswax, which you should then buff using a soft lint-free cloth. Always work in the grain, and do not use silicon-based sprays or polish.

Spills & Stains

Although our furniture is dry-kilned and treated, we advise you not to place anything hot or wet directly onto the surface as staining may occur, so try to use protective mats or coasters. Should you spill any food or liquid on the wood, wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth. If the wood becomes marked, gently rub it down with extra fine wire wool in the direction of the grain, and restore the finish using beeswax.

Direct Sunlight

Position your furniture away from direct sunlight and head, where practicable. This will protect the wood from fading, and help avoid any cracking and movement in the joints.


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